Sun Kissed

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"feels super light on your skin & not greasy at all!" - Jeanne

Protect Your Skin, Naturally.

15% nanoparticle free zinc oxide.

Mineral & herbal sun filter.

Minimal white cast.

Size Travel 30g

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The herbal infusions used in this cream act synergistically with zinc to prep your face and body for the sun and soothe your sun-kissed skin.

Sun Kissed is made with 15% zinc oxide, free of nanoparticles.

Embrace the sun with this herbal zinc oxide cream that was made to extend your time outdoors and nourish your skin.


15% Zinc Oxide.
Aqua, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil⭑, aloe barbadensis leaf juice⭑, calendula officinalis flower extract⭑⭑, chamomile flower extract⭑, beeswax⭑, lavender flower extract⭑, raspberry seed oil⭑, carrot root extract⭑⭑, pentylene glycol⭑⭑⭑, tocopherol, santalum paniculatum (sandalwood) oil⭑, helichrysum italicum (immortelle) oil⭑, boswellia serrata (frankincense) oil⭑, lavandula angustifloia (lavender) oil⭑, styrax benzoin resin extract

⭑ organic

⭑⭑ no herbicides/pesticides

⭑⭑⭑ natural preservative derived from beetroot

  • prep your face with our Botanical or Cloud Serum
  • immediately after applying the serum, rub Sun Kissed into your skin until the white disappears

  • ensure your skin is hydrated (ie. with a body oil or moisturizer)
  • immediately apply Sun Kissed and rub until the white disappears

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+ face & body

+ dry skin

+ all skin types

+ outdoor lovers

Zinc Oxide - Sun Kissed is made with 15% zinc oxide, free of nanoparticles. It works to protect your skin against the sun's rays so you can enjoy hours of summertime play.

Lavender - A calming, yet powerful cell regenerating herb that reduces redness and soothes the skin.

Chamomile - A wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for the skin, chamomile has been used for burns and to soothe skin irritations.

Calendula - the queen of herbs, calendula is unsurpassed for its soothing, healing, and protective effects on the skin, especially when it comes to burns.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil - a source of high-value bioactive compounds which offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin.

  • Earthy base notes, with soft floral top notes with hints of lime citrus and vanilla.

+ paraben free

+ sulfate free

+ gluten free

+ cruelty free

+ fragrance free

+ no synthetic ingredients

+ no synthetic colours

+ pregnancy safe

If after 60 days of using Sun Kissed and you've had an adverse reaction, we will give you your money back.

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...but we know you're going to love it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Isabelle D.
Sun kissed cream

Im on my second travel jar of this cream and really like that it doesn’t clog my pores. The ingredients are great and it doesn’t have that sticky feeling or typical sunscreen scent that others have. I would recommend giving it a try!

Steph H.

Love this sunscreen! Smells great , doesn't feel greasy and I haven't had a sunburn yet this summer! Which is a feat for my fair skin.

Janine K

I’ve tried many mineral sunscreens and this is by FAR the best. Most importantly, it does not leave a greasy shiny layer and it absorbs SO well, especially when applying a serum right before. No white cast at all and it feels so smooth and hydrating. Love that it’s made also from soothing herbs that my skin loves. Thanks embody! You really hit the mark on this one 💛

Ulrike H.
WOW -- Changed the way I view sunscreen

OK, tbh I have always hated sunscreen. The texture, the smell, the act of putting it on... it always was the BANE of my summer days. I always had such a hard time choosing a sunscreen that I would inevitably hate, despite really WANTING to love it. This was especially true when standing in the all-natural grocery store trying to select an overpriced white-cast greasy goop. Every year I would buy a new mineral cream only to curse it, run to shoppers, and buy a generic chemical sunscreen because I couldn't handle the application of the natural one.
UNTIL SUN KISSED. I absolutely LOVE this cream. I use it as instructed, directly after using my serum and it works like a CHARM. I feel like an adult taking care of my skin. I feel proud of myself for preventing sun damage, AND i absolutely love the way it feels and smells.
I never thought I would find a good mineral option, but here we are. If you are on the fence, I cannot recommend it enough. I am a huge Embody fan, and this cream did NOT disappoint.

Love it!

I love it! I'm so picky about sunscreen & love this one for it's great smooth and rich texture, feels super light on your skin & not greasy at all!

Joanna P.

“I have been using the sunscreen for a month and I love the ease of application and the protection it provides my fair skin.”