An 8-week in-person gathering for mothers to connect and explore the unseen arc of the motherhood journey.



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Gathering in circle with other women is a time-honoured practice that is sacred and necessary for us women to thrive in community with one another. It's in our blood and bones.

MotherCircle takes you on a journey to reflect, feel, love, laugh, and grieve, all within a supportive community of fierce mamas.

Let's build mother culture together by exploring the messy and beautiful aspects of our motherhood journey.

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In-person classes over an 8-week period which includes meditations, breathwork, exercises, and discussion.


Starting September 19th - November 7th



Starting September 23rd - November 18th (no class on Thanksgiving weekend, October 7th)


The cost is $299 ($37.38 per class).

If you are experiencing financial hardship but know that MotherCircle is for you, please reach out to us at

Receive a FREE Baby Balm when you sign up.

We will gather in the beautiful Embody Apothecary studio space:

916 Duluth Ave E

Montreal, QC

H2L 1B6

Facilitated by Alana Battiston, MotherCircle Facilitator.

What will the classes cover?

Each week there is a new theme for us to cover, deepening our connection to ourselves and one another.

MotherCircle is founded and designed by Kimberly Ann Johnson.


Entering motherhood is a rite of passage often not seen and honoured in our culture. We'll dive into motherhood as an initiatory underworld journey and learn how to be present with it.

Becoming aware of the cyclical nature of life can help us tune into the cycles within us as mothers. We'll harvest the innate wisdom that lies within by aligning with the cycles in and around us.

Explore the five universal postpartum needs that are necessary for postpartum recovery. No matter where you are in your journey, learn how to tend to your body and mind and build Mother Culture together.

Explore the predator/prey dynamic and how this can impact our mothering experiences. We'll learn a powerful framework for understanding and regulating our nervous system.


Birth is an initiatory event that also births us into a new being. We'll gather the gems from our birth experience and explore the ways they can enhance and inform our motherhood journeys.

There may be a divide between your sexual self and your mother self. We'll explore the intersection of Mother and Lover and learn the tools to become more at home in our bodies.

We'll explore the relationship between mothering, work, and self-worth. Learn the tools to anchor and nourish your worth as part of your mothering.

We are influenced by our rich motherline as well as the mothers around us. Together we'll determine what values we want to carry forward that guide our mothering and our future lineage.

in it together

Mothers Supporting Mothers

Together, we build MotherCulture

Mothering is demanding, transformative & complex


  • Mothers with children of all ages

  • Mothers who are still healing from birth

  • Mothers who are in need of support but don't know where to get it

  • Mothers who want meaningful connection and support from other mothers

  • Mothers who want to draw on the deep wisdom of embodied mothering

  • Women who work with mothers (birthworkers, midwives, doulas, postpartum yoga teachers, etc...)

Your MotherCircle Facilitator

Alana Battiston

After giving birth, my tower crumbled. I felt an enormous sense of loss and I lacked the support to help me get through it. Where was my village?

I felt grief around my previous self and my fragmented lineage. What happened to my motherline and the wisdom that lies within it?

I felt alone and sensed that other mothers around me felt the same way.

I knew there was a deeper calling for me, a path that allowed me to draw on the deep wisdom that comes from my rich motherline. A path that allowed me to integrate and gather the gems from my own motherhood journey.

I gathered in circle with Kimberly Ann Johnson and other mamas with a similar mission, and went on to become a MotherCircle facilitator.

Bringing the unseen to light has nourished me deeply and brings me great purpose to what I can offer other mothers.

My vision for facilitating comes from a call within my heart to gather with mothers in my community to share, connect, grieve, and love.

May this work have ripple effects on those around us and feed into future generations.

What happens if I miss a class?

The arc of MotherCircle journey is intentional to complete the full journey. However, sometimes life gets in the way and you might need to miss a class. You will be welcome to attend the same class that week in the other group (Tuesday or Saturday) OR you will be able to attend a future MotherCircle gathering at no extra cost.

What should I bring?

Please bring a yoga mat, cushion/blanket, journal, and pen for each session.

Can I bring my baby?

We understand that mothers that would like to participate have young children. You are more than welcome to attend but understand that you may not be able to fully be present with the week's activities.

How much time will be required each week?

Classes are 90-minutes long and we will give you some exercises and meditations to incorporate into your daily life as you see fit. Plan for another 30 minutes outside of the circle for the class to integrate the class materials.

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