Compostable Packaging for Our Skincare

Compostable Packaging for Our Skincare

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say goodbye to microplastics


Over the years since we started Embody, we always ask ourselves how we can continue to refine our sustainability practices. 

We started out by refusing to use plastic packaging and opted to use glass instead. While glass is in many respects more recyclable and reusable than plastic, it is also very water and energy intensive to make. 

So, we decided to look further. That's when we found SULAPAC. 


Sulapac is a 100% compostable packaging option.


Not only does Sulapac provide beautiful designed containers, their entire brand is built upon similar principals to ours.

They care about creating a circular economy, reducing waste, having an easy adaptable system for producers, and to eliminate plastic and microplastic waste. 

We now offer Sulapac for ALL our jar containers. 

That means that not only are our products made with almost all local ingredients, using our own herbal extracts, and hand poured in here in Montreal, Quebec. But they're also all now in the most sustainable packaging possible. 

..just remember to take off the label when you put it in your compost bin ;). 

If you want to learn more about the Sulapac technology, you can click here

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