Why Calendula Should Be In Your Skincare

Why Calendula Should Be In Your Skincare

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We use calendula in almost all of our skincare products and the reason is because it is the QUEEN of skincare herbs.

She is most revered for her wound and skin healing powers.




The common property that makes an herb a wound healer is its vulnerary and astringent properties.

This means it helps to close a wound by binding the tissues back together, it slows bleeding, and it modulates inflammation.

Calendula’s classic vulnerary and astringent properties are why it's one of the best and most common wound healing and skincare remedies in an herbalist’s arsenal. 



  • is antiseptic

  • it helps slow bleeding and close the wound

  • modulates inflammation

  • heals the tissue

  • prevents scarring



Why Should Calendula Be A Staple Ingredient In Your Skincare -- Especially If You Have Sensitive Skin?

So, why does that matter for you and why should calendula be an ingredient to look out for in your skincare? 

  • Because it helps to soothe your skin, modulates inflammation, improves circulation, acts as an antiseptic, AND helps to reduce scarring. 


In other words, if you have skin that is sensitive, acne prone, or even normal, it will help to even out your skin tone, reduce redness, decrease inflammation AND help with scars. 

When we have skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis (hello all my sensitive skin queens), Calendula is one of the FIRST ingredients you want to be looking out for in your skincare products. 

It will help to visually decrease the signs of redness, flare-ups, spots, and inflammation. 

But it will also help to calm your skin, soothe any itchy, flaky, dry patches, and heal any acne or open spots. 



Why Our Calendula Extract Is Special

What sets apart out Calendula extraction is that we grow and harvest the plants ourselves (we also get Alana’s cousin and Helena’s mom to grow calendula for us also!). From there, we handcraft all of our own infusions with our special herbal extraction method.

That means that each product we use is made with a fresh batch of calendula-infused oils.

It means that the we are using the highest quality of the flower that can be grown, knowing exactly when it was harvested, and transforming it into a potent oil infusion!

That’s very different than the quality of a bought calendula oil that’s coming from anywhere in the world, that was harvested who knows when, extracted using who knows what method, and made who knows when.

Long story short, we use fresher, local ingredients that are hand cultivated, turned into infusions in our studio here in Montreal. Overall, our handcrafted ethos makes for more functional, highly effective, and indulgent products. 

If you want to learn more about our herbal extraction methods, you can read our blog-post here. 

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