Modus Operandi

We create truly sustainable, effective, luxury skincare products. 




We founded Embody because we were frustrated with the "sustainable" options that were offered on the market. 

Why was it so hard to find a product that was TRULY all-natural, didn't smell weird, actually worked, and wasn't using ingredients that were imported from miles away?

 The Cloud Serum, a facial serum made for eczema and dermatitis, sits on a hand, in front of a body of water in speckled light from the shade.


What truly sets us apart from other skincare companies is our special herbal extraction method and our high-quality ingredients.

We effectively closed the gap between the people growing the plants and the wholesaler selling the herbal extracted oils that is sent to production companies and factories.

Instead, we cultivate our own plants, harvest them or source them from local growers.

We then create all of our own infusions with our special herbal extraction method.

This means we are using high-quality, fresh plants, to create fresh infusions, that are then hand poured into our products. 


TLDR, because we are involved in EVERY step of our process, we create superior products that will out-perform other all-natural skincare brands. The more local the source, the better the product. 


Quality first

High quality ingredients

We choose only organic, homegrown, or foraged ingredients. None of our ingredients have been sprayed. They are grown using sustainable farming practices and are in the purest state possible.

We source our ingredients as locally as possible by working with local farms as well as growing and foraging the plants ourselves.

You can find detailed information on our ingredients here.

from garden to bottle

Slow crafted

All of our creations are lovingly hand crafted in Montreal, Quebec.

From harvesting the plants, to infusing their medicine into sunflower oil, to pouring the final products into their bottles and jars, Alana or Helena’s hands have taken a part in the creation of all the products.

A truly Canadian product.

without greenwashing


Our goal is to create with the earth and our environment. That means honouring its resources, as well as our own. We do this through practicing sustainable foraging techniques, supporting and participating in organic and environmentally aware farming techniques, and producing the least amount of waste possible.