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Thoughtful Production

We carefully select what goes in our products by choosing organic, homegrown, or foraged ingredients.

We intentionally support sustainable farming practices and are learning about harvesting plants with care in order to improve our role in the stewardship of our home on Earth.

Plants grow in specific areas and have properties that are reflective of the environment in which it grows. We aim to harness the power of these local plants and create products that are used in harmony with our environment.

Herbs & Plants

Herbalism is the foundation of our products. Each plant has it's own unique medicine and wisdom that it has to offer. We work with our local plants to help enrich our lives, to reconnect us to our ecosystems, and to be in relation with the living beings around.

Oils & Others

Oils are the base of many of our products. We also use specific ingredients to help increase shelf life, get the right consistency, or to help enhance the product overall.

Local Limitations

Our use of local plants is limited to our knowledge, the availability of the plants, and our capacity to process the plants. As we continue to grow, learn and expand, the few outstanding ingredients that aren’t sourced locally are reflective of our philosophy. We take the time and care to ensure that they are organic, sustainable and ethically sourced.