The Luxurious Reality of Sustainable Skincare

The Luxurious Reality of Sustainable Skincare

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 Embody was born out of frustration with the cosmetics industry.

We were sick and tired of the endless ingredient lists and greenwashing. We didn’t understand how certain products were charging astronomical prices for low-quality, imported, and diluted ingredients.

We were alarmed by how many people confused "organic" with sustainability, or thought they were synonymous with one another.

The reality check when you start reading the ingredient list on any cosmetic product can be a harsh one. If you're looking critically, that is. 


We began Embody because we couldn't see a truly sustainable option in the skincare industry.

Sure, I could find a serum that was made with organic ingredients, and maybe it was even "made" here in Montreal! BUT, the majority of these products were all using ingredients that were coming from the furthest corners of the world.

Why couldn't I find a serum that was made with ingredients that were local? Why did it need to have ylang ylang in it that comes from Indonesia? Why did it need to use 8 different filler ingredients so that the ONE really expensive one is in such small concentrations it is basically non-existent on my skin?

You get the point.


So, we got to work.

We decided to swim against the stream. We built a skincare company that focuses on building a sustainable circular economy that reduces waste, middlemen, and product footprints.

We do this by using almost entirely local ingredients and focusing on compostable or recyclable packaging. 

Not only are the ingredients we use local, they are grown by us, our families, or local farmers.

To further that, we make all of our own herbal extracts. Not only does this cut out the middleman between growers and the skincare producers, it reduces the time from when a plant that's harvested, to being processed, to its extracts being mixed into a product. 

By cultivating and extracting each carefully selected plant, we are opening the doors of sustainability and high-quality skincare.

We are decreasing the footprint of each product ensuring the highest-quality plants are being used, and extracting their potency from them all under one roof.

We're not buying our Calendula oil from a massive wholesale company, we're making it from plants we grew ourselves.

We are changing the standards of the beauty and cosmetic industry with one hand-poured serum at a time.

The real luxury and potency of our all-natural skincare products comes from exactly that.

We are involved in handcrafting every step of your skincare products that will support you through your own embodiment journey.

Trust me, you notice the difference.

The quality of our products is unparalleled, and it’s because of our ingredients and our herbal extraction method.

To experience luxury, it’s about the quality and craftsmanship of the goods made. I assure you, that for us this has been rooted in our choice to build a sustainability-focused business.

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